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Ground Station GS1000

The Ground Station GS1000 manufactured by Flying Robots SA is equipped with user-friendly software in order to allow a simple management of flight plans.
It also informs the user/operator about the air vectors functioning and the on board equipments availability.

The Ground Station is based on Linux PC architecture and it has the following functions:

  • Mission programing (waypoints, landing points, prohibited areas),
  • Real time control of the position and condition of the UAV (engine data, sensors data),
  • UAV location on the map,
  • Interpretation of flight data,
  • Change of piloting modes (automatic, assisted),
  • Manual control of the aircraft if necessary,
  • Real time video display,
  • Payload control.

Liaison between UAV and Ground Station is ensured with an omni-directional TMTC (Télémesure - Télécommande) antenna used for up and down data tranfers.

Flying Robots SA is also able to provide an automatic video tracking antenna station including tripod, electric motors, cables and connectors. 

Soft Wing

After a century of fixed and rotary wings, it is the time for the century of soft/flexible wings that will bring humanity to the flexibility that is needed in fields of such diversity as protection of the environment, the economy, the transportability and the sensation of liberty...

Here's why Soft Wing Technology is going to revolutionize the aviation ...


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As a versatile aircraft, the FR SWAN X1 system can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and other detectors which are integrated in the platform software and hardware.
Security and reliability,
Versatility and adaptability
Easy use and optimized costs.
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