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Air platform

The FR SWAN X1 air platform is a delivery tricycle (or trike) equipped with a soft wing on the concept of two-seater microlight.

Completely automatic, the platform is managed by an on board autopilot to which are connected various electromechanical systems (electromagnetic jacks) which recreate the pilot gestures and movements, as well as detectors and sensors (inertial motion unit, GPS) partially replacing the pilot senses.

This "robotic" system elaborated by Flying Robots SA allows managing takeoff, flight, stages or missions during the flight, and landing of the SWAN X1 system.

The platform has been designed in order to offer a full availability of the "Cargo space" (available volume) allowing the installation of any type of payload or the different options that Flying Robots SA is offering. The Cargo space is accessible from the top of the platform or from the removable floor.

The platform integrates all the computers, calculators and electronic systems, as well as the engine, and the two structural fuel tanks of 100 liters each.

    • SWANTotal length:                       3,50 m
    • Maximum width:                 2,30 m
    • Maximum height:                2,30 m
    • Propeller ground clearance:  0,40 m
    • Payload volume:                  0,84m x 1,23m x 0,88m


The air platform is lifted by a soft wing especially designed ("Reflex" concept) in order to be in accordance with the Security/Safety requirements of the SWAN X1.

      • Wing surface: 48 m²
      • Weight:          17 kg
      • Fineness:        7


Soft Wing

After a century of fixed and rotary wings, it is the time for the century of soft/flexible wings that will bring humanity to the flexibility that is needed in fields of such diversity as protection of the environment, the economy, the transportability and the sensation of liberty...

Here's why Soft Wing Technology is going to revolutionize the aviation ...


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As a versatile aircraft, the FR SWAN X1 system can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and other detectors which are integrated in the platform software and hardware.
Security and reliability,
Versatility and adaptability
Easy use and optimized costs.
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